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City of Renton


The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train was nominated for the 1992 Pride in Renton Award as a quality development, constructed in the City of Renton during 1992. Criteria for this award encompassed many facets of the project such as the use of the site, landscaping, compatibility with the neighborhood, and architectural design. There were four award categories - commercial/retail, industrial, residential, and government buildings.

I am pleased to advise you that the Awards Committee (consisting of three members representing the Board of Adjustment, Parks Board, and Planning Commission) selected your project to receive the first place award in the Commercial Category.

You are cordially invited to attend the Renton Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on September 22, 1993, at 12:00 noon at Long Acres Turf Club. The luncheon speaker will be James Calhoun, Director of Human Relations for the Renton Division of The Boeing Company. Following his presentation I will present you with the official 1992 Pride in Renton Award.

Congratulations for your contribution to this excellent development and for receiving the 1992 Pride in Renton Award!


Earl Clymer